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The Best Kitchen Tongs

The best kitchen tongs are well crafted and easy to use. We checked 32 sets of tongs and found the top kitchen tong options that excel at a wide variety of kitchen tasks. All items linked here have been independently selected by our editors. We can receive a commission on sales, as defined in our affiliate policy [Photographs and video: Vicky Wasik] There’s a reason restaurant cooks come to think of tongs as a second set of hands. Just like your hands, tongs should feel sure, heavy, and deft but without the mind-numbing pain of severely burned fingertips that comes with grabbing hot pans. Tongs should be able to grab, raise, flip, jostle, and move most foods, except very delicate ones, including fish. Tongs can also be useful for picking up bits of hot equipment and cookware.

With a good pair of tongs, several traditional cooking tasks, from precision ones, like flipping shrimp, to herculean jobs like yanking a roast out of the oven become a breeze. Tongs are an uncomplicated method that hasn’t changed much over the years. The most popular design features two stainless steel arms that are connected by a rivet hinge at one end and widen into scalloped grabbers at the other; a metal spring controls the opening and closing action.

A locking mechanism and maybe some silicone or rubber here and there are about as many bells and whistles as you’re likely to get. Yet despite this virtually universal nature, tongs can differ wildly in feel: Some are too rigid or wobbly, while others have wonky locks or can pinch the skin during use. We tested 32 sets of locking tongs to find comfortable, well-built, and easy-to-use models both in standard stainless steel (good for most jobs) and in silicone grabbers (for use in nonstick pans and other damage-prone cookware) that excel at a wide range of kitchen tasks.

Here’s Further Proof That You *Must* Have Tongs In Your Kitchen

From dressing salads to transferring a chicken breast from the pan to a vat of sauce, these little pinchers are an indispensable kitchen utensil and can make daily cooking tasks a whole lot simpler as long as you have the right ones. The best kitchen tongs keep your hands and your food clean and whole. Although your needs at the grill are a little different than when it comes time to serve a casual salad lunch, the basics are the same.

First and foremost, a decent pair of cooking tongs will grip on to your food firmly. As Cook’s Demonstrated notes from its tests, when it comes to holding on to something without tearing: “Scalloped edges won, hands down.” Next, you’ll want to find a pair that feels nice in your hands, with the right amount of stress that also won’t get too hot. And then, you’ll need it to remain closed while you’re not using it so some form of locking mechanism is important and bonus points if it’s easy to set. After that, you can analyze what you’ll be using it for. If most of your pans are nonstick and you don’t want to be bothered by switching to a plastic spatula while stirring or pushing food off of your cookware, consider silicone- or plastic-coated tongs.

Or, if you need a pair of cooking tongs that will look and work better over the barbecue, look for a longer handle so worrying about flames will be a thing of the past. Whatever you need it for, let the best cooking tongs help make dinner happen easier. Beloved by Cook’s Illustrated , Serious Eats , and the more than a thousand people who gave it a five-star rating on Amazon, OXO’s Strong Grips are the gold standard of cooking tongs. Sturdy enough for several washes but delicate enough to handle sautéed vegetables, the scalloped ends keep on tight while the rubberized handle is relaxed and cool in your hands.

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Best Kitchen Tongs In 2021 Reviews

1. Oxo 1101880 Good Grips 9-Inch Tongs With Silicone Heads

  • Squirts soap with the light push of a button
  • Durable nylon bristles
  • Scraper on backside of brush easily removes baked on food
  • Bristles and scraper are safe for non-stick cookware. Simply pop off bottom of Brush handle to refill
  • Dimension (inches): 12 x 1.25 x 3.75

The OXO Good Grips 9-inch tongs are ideal for cooking with nonstick and enameled pans. These soft, silicone heads on the scalloped angle grips ensure that your food does not stick to them or burn in high heat up to 600ºF. The lock feature makes these convenient storage devices also! The 13° steep angle of this tong allows you secure a good grasp over most shapes and sizes of foods like thin spaghetti all the way up to whole chicken pieces without sliding out while turning it around safely during use. OXO Good Grips 9-inch Tongs are safe, sturdy and durable. They have silicone heads for soft non slip grips that lock in place to make them easy to store when they’re not being used.

The 13 degree steep angle promises secure grasp over a wide range of food sizes and shapes while the scalloped head design is resistant to heat up 600°F so you can cook with it on an enameled or nonstick pan without worrying about damaging its surface! The OXO good grips tongs offer durability coupled with safety as well as convenience via their specially designed grip handles which feature stay cool technology preventing the user from getting burnt fingers during use. These stainless steel constructed cooking instruments also boast long lasting materials such

2. Ecko 1057838 Angled Serving Tongs

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ECKO 1057838 Angled Serving Tongs features a dishwasher-safe design. This type of tong is safer and more convenient to use than regular serving tongs because it has two sharp edges that help cut food, such as chicken wings or picnic burgers from the grill! The ECKO angled serving spatula also works well in commercial kitchens for caterers who need an easy way to pick up items like raw meat without getting their hands dirty. Introducing the new ECKO 1057838 Angled Serving Tongs! These scissors-style tongs can do much better and are often employed by caterers and in commercial kitchens. They’re quite simple to use, want one? Then get your own set of these durable for everyday use dishwasher safe angled serving tongs right now from Amazon Prime™** or tell a friend about this great kitchen tongs today!.

3. Grillhogs Barbecue Grill Tongs

  • 🥓【Premium Quality】16 inches in length for handling large sized grills, keep your hand a safe distance away from the flame or hot surface. Thicker stainless steel quality that lasts, no breaking, melting, rusting. Go beyond your grill and bring joy to your patio BBQ.
  • 🥩【Perfect Gift for Barbecue】 Our grill accessories set has everything that you need to ensure that any grilling experience has exactly what you need at hand. Our grilling set includes a power tong, kabob skewers, chef’s spatula, as well as many other bbq accessories to ensure that your meat is juicy, tender, and delicious.
  • 🍕【Easy Care】 Convenient hangers are provided for easy storage and food grade grill tools are easily cleaned with warm, soapy water. Now anyone, newbie or master griller can enjoy grilling much faster, easier, cleaner.
  • 🍡【Easy to Carry】Compared to a bulky and easily damaged aluminum cases, our elegant storage bag with dual protection will keep grill accessories neatly organized and better protected. Dual protective layer is 20% lighter and built to last.
  • 🍖【Versatile】 We choose better materials so that you can enjoy your daily cooking, outdoor grilling, and camping with our grill set. Ideal grill accessories set makes it a wonderful gift for men or women. Let your loved ones love cooking.

Grillhogs BBQ grill tongs are an excellent way to protect your hands from the heat of a hot cooking surface. The long oak handle helps prevent you from getting burned and also lets you keep your cool when using them because it’s made out of quality stainless steel with safe wooden handles that won’t burn or melt. Grillers can easily store these compactly thanks to its locking mechanism, so they’ll be ready for next time! Grillhogs BBQ tongs are a great option for seasoned grillers. The long oak handle will keep your hands cool and provide more control over the grilling process, while also being durable enough to withstand high heat so that you can cook with confidence!

4. Dragonn Premium 12-Inch And 9-Inch Stainless Steel Locking Kitchen Tongs

  • TOP QUALITY: Hotec kitchen tongs are constructed with high quality stainless steel, sturdy, heat resistance, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, light weight, easy to handle, like new forever. This tongs for cooking comes with 2 sizes, 9 inch and 12 inch.
  • EASY TO STORE: These kitchen tongs have locking mechanism, pull the ring for lock and push for unlock, super easy operation. Hang them with the hanging loop after use or put in the drawer by pulling the ring to lock it, space saving.
  • ENGINEERING FOR SAFETY: Updated new design pattern for the handle, better protects your hands from cutting by the edge when you grip the handle. Easy to control the handle and to eliminate wobbling & any risk of burning your hands
  • EASY TO USE: The handle is cushioned with silicon, good for thumb rest and ensures good grip and control. The silicon tong tip is heat resistance and less prone to scratch the pan. Easy to rinse, dishwasher safe.
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: Basic kitchen utensil, perfect for basic kitchen tasks, indoor or outdoor use, great for grilling corn, flipping burgers, serving salad, cutting roast meat, or used as BBQ turners and much more.

Dragonn kitchen tongs are best for any chef who needs a little more grip when cooking. Made of premium quality stainless steel, these 12″ and 9″ metal utensils can be easily stored in a drawer because they are dishwasher safe. The Dragonn 12-inch and 9-inch kitchen tongs are perfect for moving food around the grill or putting it on a plate. The nonslip rubber handles offer an excellent grip that is both safe and comfortable, which makes these tongs more than just useful in your home – they’re also aesthetically pleasing to look at! With its simple locking mechanism, you can lock up these versatile kitchen tongs with one quick click–and don’t worry if you’ve got plans of taking them out into public: They slip easily inside drawers for easy storage as well as dishwasher safety too!

5. Cuisipro 12-Inch Stainless Steel Locking Tongs

  • Set includes: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1tsp and 1tbsp
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Oval shape to fit into spice jars
  • Measurements are permanently stamped on spoon handles
  • Set nests for storage and attach to a removable loop

Find a kitchen task that bores you to death? No need for boredom anymore with these Cuisipro 12-inch stainless steel locking tongs! The spoon-like ends hold contents firmly and the locking mechanism keeps arms closed, so it will never slip out of your hands. For easy storage, just loop this pair around anything from pots or pans to utensils; dishwasher safe but best hand washed because food can get stuck in between the teeth (no one wants mushy pasta). You’ll never have to worry about spilling your soup again with the Cuisipro 12-inch tongs. These stainless steel locking utensils are designed for a firm grip on any food and can be used as serve ware or in cooking, depending on whichever you need most at that moment. The looped end makes them easy to store while they’re not being used so there’s no more clutter taking up space where it doesn’t belong! You don’t want these kitchen helpers touching anything besides dish soap because they are safe and quick clean after use thanks to their nonstick coating.

Oneida Raffia 11 ½ Inch Salad Tongs

  • INCLUDES: This Oneida silverware set contains (6) teaspoons. The Flight line was designed for casual restaurants and everyday home meals.
  • CLASSIC DESIGN: This teaspoon set flies back to the 1950s. The decade was the beginning of an interconnected, transatlantic world where styles bent to asymmetries and pop music warped to rock-n-roll. Take off to the flowing sculpture of the mid-century with Flight.
  • TOP QUALITY: What distinguishes silverware to the touch? Finish and weight. These expertly crafted teaspoons are mirror finished, extra strong, but delicately light in the hand. The result? Perfection.
  • PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL: 18/0 stainless-steel silverware is extra durable and provides rust protection. These teaspoons will shine for dining and wash clean in the dishwasher worry free.
  • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY: Buy once. Impress for years. This stainless-steel teaspoon set was built to last. That’s our promise.

Made from durable stainless steel, these tongs will not corrode or tarnish as they are hand polished. They’re easy to clean and dishwasher safe so you can always have a set of attractive tongs when serving up salads for your family dinner parties on the table where there’s usually just forks and spoons that get in the way. Stainless steel salad tongs are a MUST HAVE for any person who has to deal with preparing and serving large bowls of food. Designed specifically as an alternative to forks or spoons, these attractive tongs make it easy-even for left handed people! Dishwasher safe too!!!

Best Kitchen Tongs
Rank Top Kitchen Tongs Quick Overview
1 Oxo 1101880 Good Grips 9-Inch Tongs With Silicone Heads The OXO Good Grips 9-inch tongs are ideal for cooking with nonstick and enameled pans

2 Ecko 1057838 Angled Serving Tongs ECKO 1057838 Angled Serving Tongs features a dishwasher-safe design

3 Grillhogs Barbecue Grill Tongs Grillhogs BBQ grill tongs are an excellent way to protect your hands from the heat of a hot cooking surface

4 Dragonn Premium 12-Inch And 9-Inch Stainless Steel Locking Kitchen Tongs Dragonn kitchen tongs are best for any chef who needs a little more grip when cooking

5 Cuisipro 12-Inch Stainless Steel Locking Tongs Find a kitchen task that bores you to death? No need for boredom anymore with these Cuisipro 12-inch stainless steel locking tongs! The spoon-like ends hold contents firmly and the locking mechanism keeps arms closed, so it will never slip out of your hands

6 Oneida Raffia 11 ½ Inch Salad Tongs Made from durable stainless steel, these tongs will not corrode or tarnish as they are hand polished

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Kitchen Tongs

The grabbers of the tongs need to be precise enough for plucking strand of pasta with much grace. Tongs should also be able to handle substantial tasks such as raising wet ramekin and a chicken without dropping or injuring it. You would obviously want to opt for tongs that would not pinch your skin during use. Tongs are available a wide variety of sizes and types. We conducted comprehensive research for identifying the best tongs available in the market based on the above-mentioned criteria. This review comprises of detailed features of the best tongs that you can add to your kitchen. 12-inch tongs are usually long enough to keep your hands protected from heat and spattering oil.

Tongs greater than 12 inches are suitable for high heat applications such as grilling. The smaller tongs are practically used for serving. The best tongs must be able to lift big foods, pick up wet and thin foods, should be able to withstand heat and should also prove useful with non-cooking activities such as serving.

Can You Use Silicone Tongs On A Grill?

If you’re looking for a way to cook healthy, delicious food with your gas grill this summer, silicone cooking tongs are the best option. They’ll withstand high temperatures up to 400°F and sometimes higher without melting or burning thanks to their non-stick surface that makes cleaning easy! If you love cooking but have always avoided grilling for fear of ruining your expensive silicone tongs, then we’ve got the solution. Forget about using metal as an alternative and give these protective grill gloves a shot. They’re specially designed to keep heat from transferring to sensitive areas like fingers or wrists while still protecting your hands against burns and blisters that might happen when handling hot food on the go! A lot can change in 400°F; it’s enough temperature range to make sure our favorite cookware stays safe even during high-temperature cooking sessions with open flames nearby.

That said, some gas grills get much hotter than this (for example: 500 degrees Fahrenheit!) so if there is any chance at all that you’ll be

What’s The Best Way To Store Kitchen Tongs

Storing tongs is an important task so they don’t get rusty or broken. You should store them in a drawer with the other cooking utensils, on your countertop using either hooks to hang from above or by locking together and hanging over one another like a puzzle piece. If you’re not able to do that, use bands for more security when storing them next inside of each other in some way shape or form Tongs are really handy and should be stored in a way that is convenient for you. Tongs come with built-in hooks, making them easy to hang on the side of your utensil holder or over your wall mounted toolbar.

They can also lock together which makes it simple to store them in a drawer as well! Storing tongs depends entirely upon their design–some have locking properties while others do not. A few options exist: if they’re designed so that they’ll fit into an open space such as another kitchen tool’s storage area, then storing these types of tongs there would suffice; alternatively, hanging up all “non-locking” varieties by either attaching some type of hook at the end in order to reap.

What To Look For In Kitchen Tongs

Tongs are for a reason known to be a second pair of paws. Tongs should feel solid, deft and sure without causing burned fingertips and numbing pain. A strong pair of tongs should be able to jostle, flip, raise and grip foods even the delicate ones. Tongs are very uncomplicated tools and it should not be hard to find a suitable one for your kitchen. When searching for ideal tongs for your kitchen, you can look into several factors.

When thinking about what you would most likely be using the tongs for, consider the following: If you intend to use the tongs with high heat, such as grilling over an open flame, you will need a long pair of tongs to cover your hands. Opt for 12 inch tongs or longer (as opposed to a nine inch pair which is more suitable to operate on a stovetop) (as opposed to a nine inch pair which is more suited to work on a stovetop).

And look for stainless steel tongs that are heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are planning to use your kitchen tongs with non-stick cookware, look for tongs that has tips made of silicon or nylon. Remember, however, these tongs can be slippery on certain foods and they may not be very heat resistant. If you need the ease of using the tongs in one hand, as well as space saving capacity, choose a pair that has a built in spring-loaded lock. These tongs lock and unlock with specific movements of the tongs, and they can lock in the closed position for compact storage in a drawer.

Bear in mind though that most locking tongs are made of stainless steel and can scratch your non-stick cookware. If you can buy only one form of tongs, select 12 inch locking tongs with scalloped pincers for added grip. Buying Guide When it comes to buying the right cooking tongs, you should understand certain crucial aspects to purchasing a valuable gadget. Sizes Cooking tongs have various sizes for different purposes. For eg, kitchen tongs with a long handle is best for grilling or barbecue without heat attack.

Otherwise, slim tongs would be perfect for the toaster. Therefore, it’s up to your intent to select the right sizes. Materials It is highly important to use high-quality and suitable materials for the best cooking results. Stainless steel, silicone, bamboo are common materials to make the kitchen tongs. I strongly recommend selecting stainless kitchen tongs with silicone tips for odor-free and scratch-resistant. Otherwise, if you love eco-friendly kitchen products, you could opt for bamboo kitchen tongs.

Easy Cleaning And Storage

Easy cleaning and compact storage are key factors to simplify your cooking. Therefore, it’s vital to choose the cooking tongs with dishwasher safe, or at least simple rinsing by hand. Moreover, the compact size would be suitable for storage.

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